To the old classmates, miss you

ring to meet good music and heart,
sharing memories of old classmates,
havent met in a long time the wind blows away the great flourish in fleeting time,
sunset opened flowers fragrant and sweet,
unusually warm spring precious,
look at the end of the old piece of old classmates,
look back,
havent met in a long time,
your voice and expression like yesterday,
your warmth acts to accompany another year of spring,
the earth,
do you remember the dusty past,
those old days romantic time,
those days that The imprint is engraved on my heart.
carefully decorate life ah,
really are gone for ever.
? Old classmate,
are you listening? Now you can no longer be around,
but those in the past has not dissipated,
I want to talk to you about the past days,
back to see you just smile,
old classmates,
are you okay,
inadvertently we have grown up,
and many have become a family,
you had it together? Dont know the school gate that opened this year peach,
too many daily for youth in the past,
as they grow older,