Son does not study, father simply calls his son to take a test, change the child's life from now on

ring o refuses to learn is a parents great headache.
It is a father and son who are regarded as legendary.
Father is a doctor of Columbia University in New York,
a famous writer and painter; son is a master of Harvard University,
Boston CitSep music direction and Cambridge WllRBD radio production host,
when he was a middle school student,
he was a real poor student.
His test volume was always C.
Who was the writers father? How did he make his poor son a top student? The fathers name is Liu Yong.
The sons name is Liu Xuan.
In September 2009,
Liu Xuan arrived in Shanghai for the books rebel signings,
tells the story of Liu Yong.
He got a zero unique family story.
Before I finished primary school in Taiwan,
I moved to the United States with my fathers family.
After entering high school,
I began to rebel.
And then become a teacher headache child: naughty,
tired of learning,
love daydreaming,
every day looking forward to is to become a Mike Shumaker like F1 racer