Guangdong, the 7 secret Taoyuan, is said to have only 1 people

ring know,
Guangdong has a small waist,
a window of the world,
the famous Mount Danxia,
the Grand Canyon is exciting; but driving.
The car is more critical,
sometimes want to go to the natural,
full of charm and beauty of the local minority.
For example,
the six Shaoguan Conghua lady,
bottom top,
Huidong salt Island,
Meizhou Xiangtan,
Hezhou ancient Lao river,
dam light village of Shenzhen,
there is a popular destination for having heard it many times,
but have been really amazing.
To bring the outdoor boiler to a picnic,
is perfect,
car uncle said,
especially love this wild,
free driving.
If you want a layer to open the heart,
you will find that you will surprise the 7 secret so easily land of idyllic beauty to capture your heart.
Six village lady high altitude land,
twinkle from Guangzhous most beautiful village of Xi village,
only 10 minutes by car,
arrived in Guangzhou the first high village.
By stepped in and saw a clear blue sky,
floating with a few idle clouds.