[drama] do not say to the child this sentence, the consequences are very serious

ring that in the WiFi environment,
when children grow up,
there will always be some fear.
When the children are afraid to do something,
how do you do it? Look at the performance of the mothers in the AB,
and see what kind of mother you belong to.
In the same way,
the child is eager to feed the pony,
but he is afraid to bite and dare not feed.
A series mother regardless of the childs feelings,
publicly scolded children stupid,
The results of his to his horse,
horse really bite hand,
let the children more afraid.
And the B shows mother understands the childs fears,
tells the child she is also afraid of being bitten,
and inspires the child to think of ways to avoid being bitten.
the child came up with a way to overcome the fear of the psychological,
and happily with his mother,
holding branches,
feeding pony.
The tips do not deliberately belittle children in front of the public.
Einstein said: a scolding caused by the adverse impact of eleven times to appreciate,
in order