Cannes opened the brightest star contests Hu Ge told you not by Yan value

ring  Cannes is here again! However,
this years Cannes again church the stars of one thing,
and then rely on Yans era has passed,
still have to rely on real skills to eat! Some people wear red carpet for ten years,
some people have taken off for ten years to become a better him,
for example,
Hu Ge.
Famous young,
but suddenly the wind and rain,
now appeared on the screen in front of Hu Ge is still bright as a teenager.
After years of sedimentation and accumulation,
Hu Ge became both face value,
without loss of talent,
a life attitude,
have their own unique ideas,
perhaps it is because Hugona Jean is so perfect,
everyone can not love.
High value - Yan sister say there are many many weapon play Hu Ge in the eyes of Hu Ge,
even in the first movie Legend of Sword and Fairy unfettered brother period,
a tender eyes,
still let everyone remember the young,
sunshine boy,
the harvest of many big ticket.
In addition to the ultra high Yan on-screen value,
Hu Ges life is so many.
As a well known