A woman is conducive to a happy marriage

ring  do not like the prodigal,
people imagine,
let the whole family cant live.
On the contrary,
women will let the prodigal marriage more happiness,
the reasons are as follows: the benefits of a woman: prodigal,
to retain the hearts of men.
A woman will dress up maintenance mostly,
therefore are relatively young and beautiful.
A woman pays attention to her appearance,
not to please herself,
but to the man.
Women who have capacity for Yue,
so having a prodigal woman is mans happiness.
A man does not love the face,
with his beautiful young wife out,
can meet the vanity cover for credit card when the distressed wife prodigal.
What does the woman to help man,
is in fact hard on myself.
you dont help him spend money,
he will naturally find another woman to help him spend.
So as a new era of wife,
will be mercilessly prodigal.
Spend her husbands money,
so he had no chance to go out to soak another woman.
Two benefits: women bring men will work hard to make money.
In order to meet his wifes s