The flower is too beautiful, although again dangerous, is willing to compensate for all overruns, thousand years of tears

ring  preheating first to a red today Kunming Warrington morning weather clouds fog blackout midway also until now began to clear and I cant wait to figure out to brain cells,
the erosion of the anthomaniac box if you are not a designer may only see the beautiful if you are a designer may you will be the first time this colorful reverie is sensitive to the node in your brain will sincerely to you will not ignite Emmanuel shameless to copy the copy? In fact,
I do not say first hands ha ha ha ha ha to talk about the packaging barrel on bottled material selection is also a problem between packaging and flowers are closely related to love to spend even the amateur can also try the life aesthetics and shaping the way for beginners to make such a tub also need to spend a little time color collocation monotonous packaging forced hard enough to do it is to bear to look the amount of water is all I have all day because of high frequency to absorb a large number of new knowledge and persistent insomnia,

Cannes opened the brightest star contests Hu Ge told you not by Yan value

ring  Cannes is here again! However,
this years Cannes again church the stars of one thing,
and then rely on Yans era has passed,
still have to rely on real skills to eat! Some people wear red carpet for ten years,
some people have taken off for ten years to become a better him,
for example,
Hu Ge.
Famous young,
but suddenly the wind and rain,
now appeared on the screen in front of Hu Ge is still bright as a teenager.
After years of sedimentation and accumulation,
Hu Ge became both face value,
without loss of talent,
a life attitude,
have their own unique ideas,
perhaps it is because Hugona Jean is so perfect,
everyone can not love.
High value - Yan sister say there are many many weapon play Hu Ge in the eyes of Hu Ge,
even in the first movie Legend of Sword and Fairy unfettered brother period,
a tender eyes,
still let everyone remember the young,
sunshine boy,
the harvest of many big ticket.
In addition to the ultra high Yan on-screen value,
Hu Ges life is so many.
As a well known

Guangdong, the 7 secret Taoyuan, is said to have only 1 people

ring know,
Guangdong has a small waist,
a window of the world,
the famous Mount Danxia,
the Grand Canyon is exciting; but driving.
The car is more critical,
sometimes want to go to the natural,
full of charm and beauty of the local minority.
For example,
the six Shaoguan Conghua lady,
bottom top,
Huidong salt Island,
Meizhou Xiangtan,
Hezhou ancient Lao river,
dam light village of Shenzhen,
there is a popular destination for having heard it many times,
but have been really amazing.
To bring the outdoor boiler to a picnic,
is perfect,
car uncle said,
especially love this wild,
free driving.
If you want a layer to open the heart,
you will find that you will surprise the 7 secret so easily land of idyllic beauty to capture your heart.
Six village lady high altitude land,
twinkle from Guangzhous most beautiful village of Xi village,
only 10 minutes by car,
arrived in Guangzhou the first high village.
By stepped in and saw a clear blue sky,
floating with a few idle clouds.

Zhang Ziyi since taking pictures, facial spots, Japan 8 freckle magic weapon is indispensable

ring t Japan Youpin public number: long press the two-dimensional code may be concerned about the Japanese popular product ranking objective and authoritative trusted - superior Japanese women are beautiful,
but with the increase of age,
the face skin will appear a variety of problems,
which is the most spots let women headache thing.
A few days ago,
Wang Feng on micro-blog drying out a Zhang Ziyi and baby since taking pictures,
Netizens found Zhang Ziyi face spots.
In addition,
Hsu Chi face freckles are also many,
but Hsu Chi himself does not seem to be the case,
often in micro-blog show their own color Yan,
the face of freckles clearly visible.
for the face of the stain,
the sister who should use what skin care products? Today,
the best sauce for you recommend 8 Japanese sister favorite freckle products,
if you have spots on your face,
then quickly store one.
Rohto CC Japan Cosme freckle beauty liquid awards won numerous awards,
to inhibit the formation of melanin effectively eliminate poc

[official] the club is with people in the Iraqi town of violence

ring d Football Club is deeply sorry about the terrorist attacks in Iraq today.
The attack killed 16 Real Madrid supporters and injured more than 20 people.
The club is sad and wishes to express its deep condolences to the families and friends of the victims.
Real Madrid is with the Iraqi people who have been hurt by extreme violence.
Todays game in Madrid the armband to show respect for the dead and mourning.
Football and sports are always occasions for parties,
and the harmony and peace created can not be matched by any terrorism.
Real Madrid all over the world will mourn the departure of their fans,
and we will never forget them.

To the old classmates, miss you

ring to meet good music and heart,
sharing memories of old classmates,
havent met in a long time the wind blows away the great flourish in fleeting time,
sunset opened flowers fragrant and sweet,
unusually warm spring precious,
look at the end of the old piece of old classmates,
look back,
havent met in a long time,
your voice and expression like yesterday,
your warmth acts to accompany another year of spring,
the earth,
do you remember the dusty past,
those old days romantic time,
those days that The imprint is engraved on my heart.
carefully decorate life ah,
really are gone for ever.
? Old classmate,
are you listening? Now you can no longer be around,
but those in the past has not dissipated,
I want to talk to you about the past days,
back to see you just smile,
old classmates,
are you okay,
inadvertently we have grown up,
and many have become a family,
you had it together? Dont know the school gate that opened this year peach,
too many daily for youth in the past,
as they grow older,

Son does not study, father simply calls his son to take a test, change the child's life from now on

ring o refuses to learn is a parents great headache.
It is a father and son who are regarded as legendary.
Father is a doctor of Columbia University in New York,
a famous writer and painter; son is a master of Harvard University,
Boston CitSep music direction and Cambridge WllRBD radio production host,
when he was a middle school student,
he was a real poor student.
His test volume was always C.
Who was the writers father? How did he make his poor son a top student? The fathers name is Liu Yong.
The sons name is Liu Xuan.
In September 2009,
Liu Xuan arrived in Shanghai for the books rebel signings,
tells the story of Liu Yong.
He got a zero unique family story.
Before I finished primary school in Taiwan,
I moved to the United States with my fathers family.
After entering high school,
I began to rebel.
And then become a teacher headache child: naughty,
tired of learning,
love daydreaming,
every day looking forward to is to become a Mike Shumaker like F1 racer

[drama] do not say to the child this sentence, the consequences are very serious

ring that in the WiFi environment,
when children grow up,
there will always be some fear.
When the children are afraid to do something,
how do you do it? Look at the performance of the mothers in the AB,
and see what kind of mother you belong to.
In the same way,
the child is eager to feed the pony,
but he is afraid to bite and dare not feed.
A series mother regardless of the childs feelings,
publicly scolded children stupid,
The results of his to his horse,
horse really bite hand,
let the children more afraid.
And the B shows mother understands the childs fears,
tells the child she is also afraid of being bitten,
and inspires the child to think of ways to avoid being bitten.
the child came up with a way to overcome the fear of the psychological,
and happily with his mother,
holding branches,
feeding pony.
The tips do not deliberately belittle children in front of the public.
Einstein said: a scolding caused by the adverse impact of eleven times to appreciate,
in order

A woman is conducive to a happy marriage

ring  do not like the prodigal,
people imagine,
let the whole family cant live.
On the contrary,
women will let the prodigal marriage more happiness,
the reasons are as follows: the benefits of a woman: prodigal,
to retain the hearts of men.
A woman will dress up maintenance mostly,
therefore are relatively young and beautiful.
A woman pays attention to her appearance,
not to please herself,
but to the man.
Women who have capacity for Yue,
so having a prodigal woman is mans happiness.
A man does not love the face,
with his beautiful young wife out,
can meet the vanity cover for credit card when the distressed wife prodigal.
What does the woman to help man,
is in fact hard on myself.
you dont help him spend money,
he will naturally find another woman to help him spend.
So as a new era of wife,
will be mercilessly prodigal.
Spend her husbands money,
so he had no chance to go out to soak another woman.
Two benefits: women bring men will work hard to make money.
In order to meet his wifes s