After the beginning of Summer [sign] usher in good luck

very much for the AI powder support,
the teacher will take him to the temple vow,
thank God bless! Also hope that the teacher's daily mass of articles can help you,
would like to have seen this good luck witnesses,
can be expected,
fortune! Welcome to specify the source of teacher reprinted constellation Tarot eiffel! 5/5 today is the beginning of summer,
summer is the meaning of spring has passed,
then the summer comes,
but from a real hot summer or a period of time.
The teacher will be announced today,
after the beginning of summer will usher in good luck sign,
AI powder quickly see the sun rise,
Remember congratulations on the list of friends,
let yourself also stained with their good fortune! In the teacher's official WeChat a529597 input [money Gua],
throw six coi