2016 China campus Star Award (Wang Yan Art Group Fourth)

ring 6 Chinese campus star 1.
activities: activities are divided into Yan king and king of two acting art categories,
separate selection,
not limited to men and women.
In the form of free voting,
the voting time is 7 days,
regardless of registration.
The time for the May 11th -5 month 30 days,
each category selected total popularity before 60 (two categories 120) to enter the finals,
and will reward the player.
Vote 2.
activities do not need to pay attention to the reward: preliminary Popularity Award (popular top 3 in each group): 68 + 08 worth of snack spree skincare Champion (2 category 2): 8000 yuan in cash + crazy shop choose opportunity to corner + I + I to the Campus Image Advertising Spokesperson are images of 3 plan spokesperson opportunity + honorary certificate (2 runner up categories a total of 2): 4000 yuan in cash + crazy shop casting opportunity + certificate third (2 categories 2): 2000 yuan in cash + crazy shop casting opportunity + certificate single category fourth - fifth (2 c