2016 China campus Star Award (Wang Yan Art Group Fourth)

ring 6 Chinese campus star 1.
activities: activities are divided into Yan king and king of two acting art categories,
separate selection,
not limited to men and women.
In the form of free voting,
the voting time is 7 days,
regardless of registration.
The time for the May 11th -5 month 30 days,
each category selected total popularity before 60 (two categories 120) to enter the finals,
and will reward the player.
Vote 2.
activities do not need to pay attention to the reward: preliminary Popularity Award (popular top 3 in each group): 68 + 08 worth of snack spree skincare Champion (2 category 2): 8000 yuan in cash + crazy shop choose opportunity to corner + I + I to the Campus Image Advertising Spokesperson are images of 3 plan spokesperson opportunity + honorary certificate (2 runner up categories a total of 2): 4000 yuan in cash + crazy shop casting opportunity + certificate third (2 categories 2): 2000 yuan in cash + crazy shop casting opportunity + certificate single category fourth - fifth (2 c

Find a man willing to spend money for you

ring  the registration,
to enroll in the 2016 Chinese campus star award! To return to the candidate,
you can view the candidates photos and cast your decisive vote! The | witch figure | Jige a lazy cat and halogen hi Writers: the micro-blog girl broke up by the jige.
She cried out all the things that belonged to her in the rental room.
She has so many things that she has three full suitcases.
It was raining outside,
and she stood in the doorway of the neighborhood crying harder.
Familiar with the uncle immediately came over,
little girl,
how cry so? The girl looked at the red eyed uncle,
I was broke up.
The girl was invited into the guard room,
the uncle gave him a cup of tea,
while comforting,
whats the big deal,
there is a good man,
dont cry.
The girl sobbed,
I just dont know what I did wrong,
he broke up with me.
What did he say? He said I was too able to buy things,
and he felt I was not responsible,
he said.
I dont want to have a family with him.
The girl says,
cry mor

CCB Cao Wei why people buy funds to make money difficult?

ring  newspaper WeChat: chinafundnews [guidance] todays push is May 13th fund newspaper sponsored Institutional Investment Summit content.
The lecturer is Mr.
Cao Wei,
deputy general manager of the personal savings and Investment Department of the Construction Bank.
He said many fund companies dare not say anything.
Fund Jun heard,
feel shocked,
especially marked the focus.
Cao Wei,
deputy general manager of CCBs personal savings and investment department,
is very grateful to the China fund and Wang for providing this opportunity for exchange.
Many of the speakers here are also very familiar faces.
the organizers asked me to make a keynote speech,
and I felt there was no more to say,
so I wanted to interact with everyone in the form of seminars.
I think the speech of several distinguished guests this morning is very wonderful.
It not only reviews the history of our whole fund industry,
but also analyzes the realistic problems and looks forward to the future.
In fact,
it should be said t

After the beginning of Summer [sign] usher in good luck

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