Xinyu daily tarot is what makes you intolerable

et some people let their intolerable life,
obviously he is usually not love with people on a public occasion,
but strangely outbreak! What is the event that touches your runaway switch? Here are four cards please choose one you come by instinct first [] lovers of indifference of the people that you cannot tolerate you is a warm-hearted man,
not only that,
you also adhere to the moral,
as long as you can help,
you can try to help others,
so your world is pure and beautiful.
Though fake stench still exists,
you still try to believe in the beauty of the world.
If you meet people who are indifferent,
especially those who are not loyal to you,
you will find it difficult to put up with your temper and always want to scold each other.
Efforts to arouse the conscience of others,
restore mutual tru