We recommend a festive fruit vitamin supplement while cardiovascular

beginning of summer,
the weather will be more hot.
Hot weather,
the body's level of consumption and demand will increase,
eat more fruits can add water,
but also help relieve summer heat.
Fresh seasonal fruit juicy,
of course,
to have a taste,
it can't miss this listed on the fresh apricot.
Jiangnan area summer taste with custom,
or in some areas must taste the apricot with one of.
Our country folk and the Dragon Boat Festival to eat apricot,
to the old saying no disease,
it is exaggerated,
but that the apricot or good nutritional value in the eyes of the people.
Apricot hurt people? No,
the apricot nutrition is very rich in modern scientific research found that apricot pulp with high sugar content,
sugar acid ratio is just perfect,
tastes sweet and sour.
That sour and sweet,
for ear