The crayfish was finally cleared of the grievances of professor do this big secret truth crayfish

to eat crayfish,
and the streets are filled with lobster shops! Spiced,
and spicy.
Good to stop! No Under the! Come! BUT,
folk has been circulating such a statement,
crayfish like to stay in the foul ditch,
eating rotten food,
eating will be bad for the human body,
this is true or false? The question finally came up with an answer! Recently,
Huang Cheng,
an associate professor at the school of life sciences at Nanjing University,
took his students to do lobster experiments to restore the true colors of crayfish! They found that crayfish do not like the sewage environment,
nor eat rotten food.
[experiment secret] crayfish like sewage? NO! 80% choice of water environment crayfish Wong told reporters that he and the students made a maze.
The maze props in a triangle plastic box i