The countdown Day4 50 billion entrepreneurial experience 10 billion fund size feast for your custom

than 3 years of vigorous development,
Internet banking has been integrated into every corner of life,
P2P network lending,
third party payment,
Internet insurance,
all the chips and many other financial branches have become hot spots.
Into 2016,
the Internet has entered the financial development of the start of the year,
regulatory rules fall,
the establishment of the association,
opponents change,
giants move,
track congestion,
reshuffle intensified.
Want to know,
Internet veterans,
entrepreneurs upstart,
veteran financial investors,
how to grasp the pulse of the industry,
ice breaking forward? [the first Internet Financial Innovation Summit and the CEO summit] spring hunting cloud network will open in Beijing on May 9th,
hunting cloud network invited more than 20 financial busine