The cat, the role of philosophical story

of philosophy experienced a cat,
the cat in the international community have realized a series of how to become a cat cat on the philosophy of police training,
through the planning and teachings of it,
a lot of cats has given rise above the common herd.
A black cat to find the cat,
it is to exceed all the cat cat coaching.
The cat wants to say: want to exceed them,
unless you become a phoenix feather Elvis Presley,
the only way you can dominate the cat alone,
Black big Wyatt,
asked: how can a phoenix feather become Elvis Presley? The cat tell it,
as long as the Phoenix fairies to Nanshan send gift,
Phoenix will give it a natural fairy Feng Yu,
a riot of colours.
The black cat afraid then the cat cat be imparted to the other cat,
it will kill the cat two.
The dying cat said: y