Ma De live pattern

De an ant with a spike head,
it cannot be found down into the nest,
put the head onto the side,
other ants way.
This is the pattern of life.
The pattern is a kind of tolerance,
is a kind of feeling,
is the soul of Lishangao water is broad,
is the spirit of deep and clear.
There is a big pattern,
will achieve the big weather of life,
big mood,
great fun.
But no matter what the pattern,
we must first have a kind of accommodation,
a respect,
in mind to contain the world,
in the bottom of my heart can hold others.
Also based on this,
too selfish people,
no pattern.
Too ruthless people,
there will be no pattern.
Chinese people pay great attention to architecture.
The higher the buildings should be broad,
deep courtyard,
willow smoke stack,
no heavy curtain number.
In fact,
this is also th