Light, space and open everyday

I often think of watching movies at home on the scene when the juvenile act.
Creative inspiration from the Old Summer Palace forty King capture map Yong,
the reduction of the hundred years ago the garden in the country,
now many city people's imagination,
represents the green and fertile fields,
the wind and rain beating on the earth,
full of firewood smell of smoke,
chewing grass livestock sat under a tree in the village.
To be frank,
I do not resent it for decades,
and it seems to be so.
Spatiotemporal shaping our imagination and taste,
floor film,
as a modern device,
then I to meet the more vast world of imagination.
General summer is just ended,
haven't started busy autumn night,
after dinner,
the villagers with a small stool,
scattered food,
by twos and threes begin to coale