I'm sure it's not my parents

m not biological parents why pinch,
because Dad suddenly informed me that the family decided to take me out to play first,
my heart is duang~duang~ to see scenes of father calmly reassures me: son,
don't worry,
our family is 93 for the riders Club registration preparation a little Superman training camp,
cheap and affordable.
In addition to Anji can enjoy the beautiful scenery,
you can also exercise the housework and emergency skills,
to better serve our parents.
I'm not really their own! Why isn't it biological? Let's have a look at the event! Anji should expand in April 30th -5 1,
40 93 riders to Anji,
launched a two day,
a small holiday tour.
Both relaxed play,
but also tight emergency training,
parents and children happy.
the first day of Hello Kitty Park,
the fa