Hangzhou, a cleaning staff after leaving the last wage received - 120 thousand yuan, what?

is to give employees money in advance by a careless boss 1 and 04 months,
30 at noon,
a Hangzhou property company boss Chen went to the ATM machine near the unit,
to three employees that leave the wages in April to fight.
As a rule,
the salary should be paid by the middle of next month.
But Chen boss thought,
three employees contract expired,
and this coincides with the May Day holiday,
or in advance to play better before the festival.
This does not,
in financial,
he himself to the money.
Three people,
all cleaners posts,
2700 yuan per person wages.
While controlling the employee's bank card account,
Chen boss is operating on the ATM machine.
Insert card - transfer - enter each other's account number - enter the amount of the transfer.
At this time,
Chen boss's cell phone suddenly ran