Fans, fans, fans from the star economy, store operators

ink you can have a fan economy with a star platform,
that's a big mistake.
One after another,
the star restaurant opened and died,
the fan effect did not push the restaurant to prosperity,
but instead became the death accelerator.
Star Restaurant fans effect is only the first step,
the real fan economy is the need to operate.
Text / Wang this year,
the stars do not engage in a sideline,
go out and be embarrassed to talk to people.
If you open a shop,
70% of the stars choose to open restaurants.
They entered the arena,
the restaurant costs controllable,
quick return of funds,
high returns.
Relative to the stock market,
real estate and other investment channels,
the threshold of the restaurant industry is low.
The key is,
the star comes with IP,
natural fans blessing,
in their view,