Ephemeris 0505, game clearance, careful work, cancer work smoothly happy

o have something pretty to do with pretty things today.
although the heart is full of emotional,
just a little physical strength,
physical exertion of the night,
leisure activities will make you feel more tired.
After work should choose more relaxed and effortless way of doing things,
but you can attend the party,
wedding reception,
from the conversation during the interview will get favorable gossip.
Lucky color: Yellow lucky number: 1 fit: Gemini lucky items: Red ghost today is suitable for practice spirit,
improve the self realm of life,
may be able to find another different myself.
After work,
listen to music,
read books,
and go out,
you can choose a quiet coffee shop alone,
let the body and mind to get peace of mind,
distressed things may greet,