Compared with the Papi sauce, perhaps consumer net red before the realization of the way clearer

micro signal: wow36kr manufacturing network red is also a good door business.
Papi sauce's advertising resources were photographed at 22 million.
No matter whether Luo fat behind the Bureau,
net red suction gold ability or let many people sigh: 03,
04 years in regret not earlier buy a house,
wait until 16 years can only regret,
did not seize the time to do nets red.
But I agree with what Kai said in an article: the value of Pan entertainment is overrated right now.
The motivation of the fans and the professional persuasion of the Reds determine the concentration of potential shopping fans.
And if you insist on the direct realization of the entertainment network red,
it will inevitably affect her content,
breadth and entertainment,
the loss of influence,
the expansion rate.
After all,