A Papi sauce talk, and say beauty Li makeup, so anxious?

tant for the Shanghai company to continue to believe what a Papi sauce will reverse,
and to maintain a solid style at this moment.
Huang Tao,
who did not wish to be quiet for many years,
became another Chen ou.
Beauty and makeup are almost overdone.
A very quiet company in southwestern Shanghai has mutated into an entertainment kid,
and the follow-up will certainly have a negative effect,
especially on the financial PR.
See it with PAPI sauce hype,
in addition to such figures have explosion value,
there may also be the opportunity to spread the company value,
follow-up financing,
IPO intention.
Of course,
blocking the opponent's intentions seems to be revealing.
Grafting PAPI sauce has been questioned,
is an internal cycle,
marketing gimmick,
Luo Zhenyu,
Huang Tao,
Ali's relati