Ephemeris 0505, game clearance, careful work, cancer work smoothly happy

o have something pretty to do with pretty things today.
although the heart is full of emotional,
just a little physical strength,
physical exertion of the night,
leisure activities will make you feel more tired.
After work should choose more relaxed and effortless way of doing things,
but you can attend the party,
wedding reception,
from the conversation during the interview will get favorable gossip.
Lucky color: Yellow lucky number: 1 fit: Gemini lucky items: Red ghost today is suitable for practice spirit,
improve the self realm of life,
may be able to find another different myself.
After work,
listen to music,
read books,
and go out,
you can choose a quiet coffee shop alone,
let the body and mind to get peace of mind,
distressed things may greet,

The countdown Day4 50 billion entrepreneurial experience 10 billion fund size feast for your custom

than 3 years of vigorous development,
Internet banking has been integrated into every corner of life,
P2P network lending,
third party payment,
Internet insurance,
all the chips and many other financial branches have become hot spots.
Into 2016,
the Internet has entered the financial development of the start of the year,
regulatory rules fall,
the establishment of the association,
opponents change,
giants move,
track congestion,
reshuffle intensified.
Want to know,
Internet veterans,
entrepreneurs upstart,
veteran financial investors,
how to grasp the pulse of the industry,
ice breaking forward? [the first Internet Financial Innovation Summit and the CEO summit] spring hunting cloud network will open in Beijing on May 9th,
hunting cloud network invited more than 20 financial busine

Fans, fans, fans from the star economy, store operators

ink you can have a fan economy with a star platform,
that's a big mistake.
One after another,
the star restaurant opened and died,
the fan effect did not push the restaurant to prosperity,
but instead became the death accelerator.
Star Restaurant fans effect is only the first step,
the real fan economy is the need to operate.
Text / Wang this year,
the stars do not engage in a sideline,
go out and be embarrassed to talk to people.
If you open a shop,
70% of the stars choose to open restaurants.
They entered the arena,
the restaurant costs controllable,
quick return of funds,
high returns.
Relative to the stock market,
real estate and other investment channels,
the threshold of the restaurant industry is low.
The key is,
the star comes with IP,
natural fans blessing,
in their view,

Xinyu daily tarot is what makes you intolerable

et some people let their intolerable life,
obviously he is usually not love with people on a public occasion,
but strangely outbreak! What is the event that touches your runaway switch? Here are four cards please choose one you come by instinct first [] lovers of indifference of the people that you cannot tolerate you is a warm-hearted man,
not only that,
you also adhere to the moral,
as long as you can help,
you can try to help others,
so your world is pure and beautiful.
Though fake stench still exists,
you still try to believe in the beauty of the world.
If you meet people who are indifferent,
especially those who are not loyal to you,
you will find it difficult to put up with your temper and always want to scold each other.
Efforts to arouse the conscience of others,
restore mutual tru

Good sports kids go to elite schools, that's what I do

the University of American love sports students,
we have heard of how many,
but what kind of children in the end through sports skills into the elite? In the core campus lecture,
two children were wrestling and tennis expertise by Standford and Harvard recruiting high business father Yan Xicheng (Henry Yen),
to share with us his experience.
He believes that sports plays an important role in children's early education and future development in the United States,
the University for students who have more personal qualities and open,
sports are perhaps one of the most shining.
Oral | Yan Xicheng | editor Yang Xinyi | Chen Wen finishing university in the United States why so actively looking for a smart player? Their proportion in college is hard to imagine for Chinese people.
The United Sta

A Papi sauce talk, and say beauty Li makeup, so anxious?

tant for the Shanghai company to continue to believe what a Papi sauce will reverse,
and to maintain a solid style at this moment.
Huang Tao,
who did not wish to be quiet for many years,
became another Chen ou.
Beauty and makeup are almost overdone.
A very quiet company in southwestern Shanghai has mutated into an entertainment kid,
and the follow-up will certainly have a negative effect,
especially on the financial PR.
See it with PAPI sauce hype,
in addition to such figures have explosion value,
there may also be the opportunity to spread the company value,
follow-up financing,
IPO intention.
Of course,
blocking the opponent's intentions seems to be revealing.
Grafting PAPI sauce has been questioned,
is an internal cycle,
marketing gimmick,
Luo Zhenyu,
Huang Tao,
Ali's relati

What is the crescent moon on the finger, drink, blush, drink ability big, these questions test everybody

he number of Crescent on your finger,
the healthier you are? Most people,
more or less,
can see a white crescent shaped area on their nails,
which is commonly known as crescent moon.
Its scientific name is a half moon,
or half moon mark,
is actually a natural phenomenon in the process of nail growth.
The middle part of the nail is faster than the sides,
so both the crescent and the nail are curved.
The health condition of a person does not depend on the number of crescent moon,
but the crescent moon has changed drastically recently.
Some changes in the body,
such as hyperthyroidism,
age growth,
nutritional status,
all affect the crescent moon.
In general,
the size and number of Crescent are constant,
and do not depend on this to determine their health.
But if th

We recommend a festive fruit vitamin supplement while cardiovascular

beginning of summer,
the weather will be more hot.
Hot weather,
the body's level of consumption and demand will increase,
eat more fruits can add water,
but also help relieve summer heat.
Fresh seasonal fruit juicy,
of course,
to have a taste,
it can't miss this listed on the fresh apricot.
Jiangnan area summer taste with custom,
or in some areas must taste the apricot with one of.
Our country folk and the Dragon Boat Festival to eat apricot,
to the old saying no disease,
it is exaggerated,
but that the apricot or good nutritional value in the eyes of the people.
Apricot hurt people? No,
the apricot nutrition is very rich in modern scientific research found that apricot pulp with high sugar content,
sugar acid ratio is just perfect,
tastes sweet and sour.
That sour and sweet,
for ear

6 men and 6 women jump square dance enchanting to no

read this,
please click on the blue font zero comedy video and click attention so that you can continue to receive the video free of charge.
Share every day.
It's a free subscription.
Please feel free to pay attention to it.

May 5, 2016 financial news (voice edition)

macro Li Keqiang chaired a State Council standing committee meeting,
decided to carry out the implementation of the special inspection to promote private investment policy,
to further expand access,
efforts to expand private investment; to promote the deployment of the manufacturing industry and the Internet depth of integration; will allow commercial space in accordance with the provisions into rental housing,
promote public rental housing monetization; to promote the deployment of general the development of aviation,
steadily expanding and opening up low altitude airspace.
the general office of the State Council has issued the national work on combating intellectual property rights and selling counterfeit and shoddy commodities in 2016.
The document pointed out that strengthenin

Compared with the Papi sauce, perhaps consumer net red before the realization of the way clearer

micro signal: wow36kr manufacturing network red is also a good door business.
Papi sauce's advertising resources were photographed at 22 million.
No matter whether Luo fat behind the Bureau,
net red suction gold ability or let many people sigh: 03,
04 years in regret not earlier buy a house,
wait until 16 years can only regret,
did not seize the time to do nets red.
But I agree with what Kai said in an article: the value of Pan entertainment is overrated right now.
The motivation of the fans and the professional persuasion of the Reds determine the concentration of potential shopping fans.
And if you insist on the direct realization of the entertainment network red,
it will inevitably affect her content,
breadth and entertainment,
the loss of influence,
the expansion rate.
After all,

The cat, the role of philosophical story

of philosophy experienced a cat,
the cat in the international community have realized a series of how to become a cat cat on the philosophy of police training,
through the planning and teachings of it,
a lot of cats has given rise above the common herd.
A black cat to find the cat,
it is to exceed all the cat cat coaching.
The cat wants to say: want to exceed them,
unless you become a phoenix feather Elvis Presley,
the only way you can dominate the cat alone,
Black big Wyatt,
asked: how can a phoenix feather become Elvis Presley? The cat tell it,
as long as the Phoenix fairies to Nanshan send gift,
Phoenix will give it a natural fairy Feng Yu,
a riot of colours.
The black cat afraid then the cat cat be imparted to the other cat,
it will kill the cat two.
The dying cat said: y

Ma De live pattern

De an ant with a spike head,
it cannot be found down into the nest,
put the head onto the side,
other ants way.
This is the pattern of life.
The pattern is a kind of tolerance,
is a kind of feeling,
is the soul of Lishangao water is broad,
is the spirit of deep and clear.
There is a big pattern,
will achieve the big weather of life,
big mood,
great fun.
But no matter what the pattern,
we must first have a kind of accommodation,
a respect,
in mind to contain the world,
in the bottom of my heart can hold others.
Also based on this,
too selfish people,
no pattern.
Too ruthless people,
there will be no pattern.
Chinese people pay great attention to architecture.
The higher the buildings should be broad,
deep courtyard,
willow smoke stack,
no heavy curtain number.
In fact,
this is also th

What's on tonight's 54 youth day? What did Xi Jinping expect from the young people?

ent NEWS Xi Jinping to Chinese central and Eastern European countries meeting the president of the Supreme Court of central and Eastern European countries Chinese caused a congratulatory letter to the president of the Supreme Court meeting in Jiangsu on 4 Suzhou opening,
President Xi Jinping sent a congratulatory letter.
What links Xi Jinping said in the letter? Xi Jinping China government and representatives of the people in his warm congratulations to the convening of the conference,
to express sincere welcome to all guests attended the meeting of the Supreme court.
Xi Jinping pointed out that the meeting with the global information age of justice as the theme of discussion on the judicial reform and open problems,
to strengthen international judicial exchanges and cooperation,
to promo

Why don't managers see the three question?

words from the mayor of Xi'an have caused widespread heated debate.
In April 29th,
the China Daily published muck car the night more crazy one article,
reported the existence of Xi'an muck car operation market lane,
red light running along the road,
such as throwing chaos.
In the May 1st meeting of the city's construction waste management work will promote,
the mayor of Xi'an in the car market chaos and chaotic management said: the reporter can find managers how to squat down,
you can not find.
Please discipline inspection and Supervision Bureau to participate in,
check out the moth law enforcement team; never again to muck car wild life.
A muck truck lane along the delta muck car throwing Xi'an city mayor Shangguan auspicious (China Daily reported): look after people shocking! I

Morning, the news is coming [20160505]

of central and Eastern European countries meeting the president of the Supreme Court in Jiangsu on 4 Suzhou opening,
President Xi Jinping sent a congratulatory letter.
Xi Jinping pointed out that the meeting with the global information age of justice as the theme of discussion on the judicial reform and open problems,
to strengthen international judicial exchanges and cooperation,
to promote cooperation in central and Eastern European countries (Chinese - 16+1 cooperation ) to further expand has important significance.
Li Keqiang presided over the executive meeting of the State Council yesterday,
the meeting pointed out that the simultaneous implementation of the purchase and rental,
the development of the housing rental market,
is an important part of deepening the reform of the housi

Light, space and open everyday

I often think of watching movies at home on the scene when the juvenile act.
Creative inspiration from the Old Summer Palace forty King capture map Yong,
the reduction of the hundred years ago the garden in the country,
now many city people's imagination,
represents the green and fertile fields,
the wind and rain beating on the earth,
full of firewood smell of smoke,
chewing grass livestock sat under a tree in the village.
To be frank,
I do not resent it for decades,
and it seems to be so.
Spatiotemporal shaping our imagination and taste,
floor film,
as a modern device,
then I to meet the more vast world of imagination.
General summer is just ended,
haven't started busy autumn night,
after dinner,
the villagers with a small stool,
scattered food,
by twos and threes begin to coale

Here comes the news bus

- Central and Eastern European countries the president of the Supreme Court of Suzhou Conference opened in Jiangsu on 4,
Xi Jinping sent a congratulatory letter,
hope China and central and Eastern European countries to the meeting as an opportunity to strengthen communication and mutual learning,
to jointly cope with the challenges.
Li Keqiang chaired a State Council executive meeting,
decided to carry out the implementation of special supervision to promote private investment policies; to promote the deployment of the manufacturing industry and the Internet depth of integration; determine the cultivation and development of the housing rental market measures to promote the development of general aviation industry; deployment.
Wei Zexi incident continued to ferment,
the armed police r

I'm sure it's not my parents

m not biological parents why pinch,
because Dad suddenly informed me that the family decided to take me out to play first,
my heart is duang~duang~ to see scenes of father calmly reassures me: son,
don't worry,
our family is 93 for the riders Club registration preparation a little Superman training camp,
cheap and affordable.
In addition to Anji can enjoy the beautiful scenery,
you can also exercise the housework and emergency skills,
to better serve our parents.
I'm not really their own! Why isn't it biological? Let's have a look at the event! Anji should expand in April 30th -5 1,
40 93 riders to Anji,
launched a two day,
a small holiday tour.
Both relaxed play,
but also tight emergency training,
parents and children happy.
the first day of Hello Kitty Park,
the fa

Hangzhou, a cleaning staff after leaving the last wage received - 120 thousand yuan, what?

is to give employees money in advance by a careless boss 1 and 04 months,
30 at noon,
a Hangzhou property company boss Chen went to the ATM machine near the unit,
to three employees that leave the wages in April to fight.
As a rule,
the salary should be paid by the middle of next month.
But Chen boss thought,
three employees contract expired,
and this coincides with the May Day holiday,
or in advance to play better before the festival.
This does not,
in financial,
he himself to the money.
Three people,
all cleaners posts,
2700 yuan per person wages.
While controlling the employee's bank card account,
Chen boss is operating on the ATM machine.
Insert card - transfer - enter each other's account number - enter the amount of the transfer.
At this time,
Chen boss's cell phone suddenly ran

The crayfish was finally cleared of the grievances of professor do this big secret truth crayfish

to eat crayfish,
and the streets are filled with lobster shops! Spiced,
and spicy.
Good to stop! No Under the! Come! BUT,
folk has been circulating such a statement,
crayfish like to stay in the foul ditch,
eating rotten food,
eating will be bad for the human body,
this is true or false? The question finally came up with an answer! Recently,
Huang Cheng,
an associate professor at the school of life sciences at Nanjing University,
took his students to do lobster experiments to restore the true colors of crayfish! They found that crayfish do not like the sewage environment,
nor eat rotten food.
[experiment secret] crayfish like sewage? NO! 80% choice of water environment crayfish Wong told reporters that he and the students made a maze.
The maze props in a triangle plastic box i