Young people must know 54 words this is the best gift Youth Day...

time flies so fast,
just like fleeting youth.
Youth is a dream,
youth is full of creation,
but you are bound to be lost in your youth.
Young people should learn from the teachings of the older generation,
which is the experience accumulated in the lives of countless people,
and can guide your life in the future.
The new elected young people must know 54 words,
as the Youth Festival gift for you.
Let us dream of immortality,
let us young immortal! About work: 1,
Efficiency comes from diligence.
shortage in the play; line into Si,
destroyed with.
- Han Yu,
human life is limited,
but the service for the people is unlimited,
I will put the limited life into the unlimited service for the people! Lei Feng,
the paper come Zhongjue shallow,
and must know this to practice.
- 4,