Tore Fan Bingbing, Han Xue spared the article, Yao Di, she will tear in the road to go back?

the above family can quickly pay attention Oh Meimei Wuli sister and open tear,
this gun is Sa Dingding,
the Venus show aired last week,
she publicly lampooned Sa Dingding shortly before taking anti microphone lip synch also said Sa Dingding,
this is a typical Shandong big girl,
but said his fame have ethnic roots: even the name and lineage are copycat! This is not Sa Dingding at micro-blog: some people even audibles Venus sex change,
Kim sister can not fuel-efficient lights,
immediately slapped the past: if the degeneration is my only weakness,
then my life is perfect! From the dance forest congress to Mamma Mia,
then to show Venus,
Venus with a gab tear through the entertainment of countless people.
It is famous for many years of celebrities,
or just a rookie debut rookie