The loss of these four lakes has become China's eternal pain

e south of the river (ID:iHenan101) has four lakes,
and losing them means losing a lot of territory.
Lake Baikal: in the ancient Chinese documents,
the place where Beihai,
Su Wu sheep is located.
Lake Baikal first appeared in written records.
It was 110 years ago in the Han Dynasty.
An official of the Han Dynasty in China called Lake Baikal Beihai in its notes,
which may be the origin of the Chinese name of Lake Baikal.
There is also a simple explanation of Lake Baikal's name source: the Turkic people call Lake Baikal the rich lake,
and the Turkic language rich lake gradually evolved into the Russian Lake Baikal.
China's Han Dynasty called Bai Hai in Yuan Dynasty,
called chrysanthemum sea,
at the beginning of the eighteenth Century exotic record is called Bai sea lake,