s of love,
just like the gentleness of time! There is a kind of reunion,
really will make people burst into tears! It's not a sequel three years ago,
it's a whole new story,
but it's still about love,
about destiny,
about foreign lands,
about life.
If three years ago,
the Beijing in Seattle is all about romantic love fantasy,
that three years after the Beijing encounter love Seattle best interpretation of a love like behind the great vicissitudes of life.
Beijing in Seattle on we are that although not to buy you a bag,
can not give you a brush the card; but it can take care of you in every possible way around you,
as you run moved several blocks to buy Soybean Milk Deep-Fried Dough Sticks man for breakfast.
Director Xue Xiaolu said that the film is about wandering and wandering,