Read as good as water

sinessman was partner to sell,
life and wealth,
hardly wished to live.
want to jump in the lake.
In the lake he met a wise man will sit in water,
their situation count.
The wise man smiled and took him home,
from the cellar to move out of a huge ice.
The businessman,
though unable to understand it,
did so.
When the ice cubes were removed,
the wise man said,
cut it hard.
! When the merchant looked for the axe,
he cut it,
but with a violent blow,
he could only make a fine mark on the ice.
The merchant also swung the axe and full chisel.
For a moment,
against the falling ice chip,
he gasped his head: the ice is too hard.
! The wise man said nothing,
and placed the ice in an iron pan.
As the temperature rises,
the ice slowly melts.
The wise man asked,
have you seen anything from it? Th