One day the fate of political commissar Li Ye grilled and polite Li was deeply up sister Adolf Li Yifeng Sue died

eak of today's birthday,
just after the birthday together with him in his political commissar Li ha ha today micro-blog out of the sun as a birthday,
an inverted 6,
together is just 29,
but also a bit out of ideas.
Li Yifeng said from the debut to now there are more than 9 years,
when the debut was a national school grass name,
but it was really handsome.
Childhood photos with now is really from Xiaoshuai as like as two peas,
14 years old Li Yifeng with Gu Jian among the Deep-Fried Chicken with Chili Pepper,
at that time a lot of people say that Li Yifeng is the overnight explosion of red,
but Li Yifeng is dormant for many years early.
Li Yifeng participated in refueling good man debut,
was still singing,
but also out of what EP.
Li Yifeng took the hit version of the pr