Jiang Xin of big chest wants to subvert fashionable aesthetic, I see line

of words,
said Fan Shengmei,
a girl in 0 yards will have a great sense of accomplishment.
I want to choke her,
please don't stop me.
Who is the world of fashion slim,
large size models are filled with the major show at the speed of light,
what is the pseudo fat gigi! Wear 0 yards beautiful,
that's a good foundation,
big yards,
dressed in fashion,
is the ability to rely on collocation good?! Fan Mei evaluation of their own,
no room,
no car,
and some are a lot of clothes.
Wrong! Didn't you find out that you have the most golden sentence in this play?! Jiang Xin put his mouth say the words,
is: Bitch is hypocritical! Of course,
it's a joke.
How can I (so over,
make popular burst table fan sister? .
gif) when she and Andy were talking about their feelings about Wang Baichuan,
I cou