Beijing IRS too tide taxpayers cloud computing tax initial experience

+ the wind blows,
the State Administration of Taxation will soon react,
proposed landing,
Internet + tax.
Beijing's IRS,
the nation's largest taxpayer,
moved quickly.
Beijing state tax bureau last year's tax revenue is about 830000000000,
more than 7000 people of the collection and management team to serve about 1300000 of taxpayers,
and the number of taxpayers is still 12% to 15% each year the proportion of growth.
The scope of tax collection and administration is still expanding,
and how to make use of advanced technology to improve the efficiency of tax collection and management and to enhance the experience of taxpayers is a subject under the taxation of Beijing.
The online tax bureau,
which originally needed to line up in the tax lobby,
is a solution.
But the landing of this visi