All his teammates made him even ignorant cast own hoop help opponents into overtime

he above blue word basketball practical skills forum,
a key concern! Trying to be the best basketball player,
WeChat made a dramatic scene in a series of games in the Greek Serie a.
The final 5 seconds of overtime,
kiffis West team to lead 95-93 team ARIS,
who missed two free throws after kiffis grab rebounds in three key players in the west line,
and do not let the other side of the ball run foul tactics.
According to common sense,
Ki Faye Thea at this time will have considerable.
When the time is running out of the moment,
kiffis West players Germaine Marshall even after receiving teammate pass before a buzzer (time to his teammates own basket run misleading him).
The result is to help the opponent equalize the score for both sides to enter another overtime.
The final team lost 103-108